Far Away from Bank Bonus Trading Cap

How to share team loots properly?
How we will give gifts to other players? How we are supposed to make private drop parties again?
How we will do "trade for supplies"? All these trades are and always be "unbalanced" from GE point of view. This type of trade is very common and important for RS economy.
How we will do "running"? Why player, who really spent some work to get an item, is supposed to pay the same value like player who just go and buy it from store? It is probably possible to cover part of running business as special form of "trade for supplies" or by tweaked "assist" system, but what about raw material runners? And even if we use "trade for supplies" to cover running, how to do initial and final trade?
How to do voluntary help to players in peril by consumable items?

Coming from Mermalion's January Big Bang questions

Trading for supplies and running are common (formerly) used types of trade that are now completely blocked. It is probably most serious issue of all anti-RWT updates, because most of skillers rely on such type of trades and now there is not any acceptable alternative and it is even not mentioned to be in preparation. Giving gifts and helping other players is also important part of community life we want not to lost forever.

Basic idea
There is rough idea as alternative to my other ideas and suggestions. Basic idea is to define zones on RS map where special trading cap bonus will be available upon special conditions. In general, the further location is from bank or shop or the more dangerous is area the more items players can trade here.

Anti RWT restrictions
Using of bonus is limited to 100% per 15 minutes similar way like standard trading cap. Percentage is used because bonus cap absolute value vary according to location. If player with 0qp do trade in zone with 10K bonus cap and do it with 6K difference from balance, 3K will come from standard trading cap and 3K from bonus cap. Now let say that this player move to zone with 5K bonus trading cap and do another trade here before 15 minutes from the first trade passed. He spent all 3k stadard trading limit so he cannot use it. He spent also 30% of bonus trading cap, so he can use only 70% of it now. Because actual zone has bonus trading cap 5K, he can use 3500gp cap for this new trade. but if he moves to zone with 20K bonus cap, he will be able to trade with 14K difference.

To prevent RWT abuse, use of zone bonus trading cap should be restricted to unnoted unstackable items only on higher side of trade. Noted or stackable elements can be only on lower side of trade. this restriciton limits use of this feature for standard forms of running, but it is necessary. Running can be solved better by one of my other suggestions. First I thought to allow cash as the only stackable element on lower side of trade, but in general there is not significant difference between cash, notes or other stackable items. So finally I decided to allow all forms of tradeable items on lower side to make whole thing a bit more useful.

Classification of bonus zones
Each zone of RS world can have its own trade bonus cap. Zones around banks and general shops (cities and villages) will have bonus trading cap equal to zero. Other zones in game - country and dungeons will have bonus trading cap related to accessibility and risk. It is also possible that some small zones can have special bonus cap set according to activity running in such zone.

Risk factor depends on monsters in area and eventually also on monsters and level of obstacles on entry corridors. Ancient dungeon, lower part of waterbirth island dungeon, iron and steel dragond lair, KQ lair, chaos elemental location, KBD lair, barrows central room, scarites dungeon - all those locations can have pretty high bonus trading cap as probability of succesfull RWTing here is near zero. I even think that million bonus trading cap can be suitable inside most dangerous parts of those areas. This can partially solve also lootshare problems.

Acessibility has more factors. The first factor is walking distance from nearest bank or general shop or certer. The second factor is shortest time possible to transport from any bank, general shop or certer to this area and back (time needed for one fast "run"). The third factor is difficulty of "unlocking" this area. It means how hard it is to gain rights to access this place, what skills and quests are needed. General shops can be and are used for unnoting noted items, that is why I need to check distance also to them.

My opinion is that for normal country bonuses in range from 5-20K will be pretty suitable. In normal dungeons, farlands and experienced quest unlocked areas bonus can go up to 100K and for very risky remote locations it can grow up to values of local rare drops.

Last update: 02.03.2008