Bargain sale in general stores suggestion

Q) Will be player generated stock in general stores useful again? It is now impossible to sell stuff to some of them as they are always full of bargain usually too expensive for players to be purchased out.

Coming from Mermalion's January Big Bang questions

Actually no one is willing to buy anything from player section of general store because of too high prices. There is no reason to buy anything from general store if player can buy the same thing in noted form from GE. Because players has limited opportunity how to get away bargain, they are selling it to general stores to get at least small amount of money. Result of this situation is that some more popular general stores are full of bargain and players are unable to sell anything more to them.

On other side, before update that binded GS prices to GE ones, players were able to transfer wealth between accounts easily trough some abandoned general stores. This method was not originally used by RWTers. It was invented and used by players with multiple accounts to transfer wealth between them without risk of banning (all other methods of wealth transfer can be easily logged and tracked down). It is good for game that Jagex closed this hole and any solution may not open it again.

So we are looking for solution that will make bargain purchase from GS useful again but that will be less useful for RRWTers then GE. It seems that the prices in GS should be binded to GE prices like now, just about 10% lower as they are today. We are talking about bargain items rarely traded through GE, so I think that lower limit will not motivate normal players enough to buy bargain out of shop. Shops are not selling in notes, their purchasing price is usually very low and other players are aware about trades and may interferee with it. These disadvantages will force RWTers to preffer 10% difference, noted transactions and total blindness and anonymity of GE.

Last update: 07.01.2008