Grand supply exchange and Supply barters

How we will do "trade for supplies"? All these trades are and always be "unbalanced" from GE point of view. This type of trade is very common and important for RS economy.
How we will do "running"? Why player, who really spent some work to get an item, is supposed to pay the same value like player who just go and buy it from store? It is probably possible to cover part of running business as special form of "trade for supplies" or by tweaked "assist" system, but what about raw material runners? And even if we use "trade for supplies" to cover running, how to do initial and final trade?

Coming from Mermalion's January Big Bang questions

Trading for supplies and running are common (formerly) used types of trade that are now completely blocked. It is probably most serious issue of all anti-RWT updates, because most of skillers rely on such type of trades and now there is not any acceptable alternative and it is even not mentioned to be in preparation.

I understand that it is probably hard to invent functional replace that will not open bigger hole for RRWTers, but just removing of feature used in most than half trades without any suitable replacement is not solution too. However, RRWTers have 10% hole in GE they can use without any time or value limits so if we make any solution with suitable limits, we can cross 10% difference without real danger.

There are two ideas how to solve this problems:
1) grand supplies exchange
2) supply barters

Grand supplies exchange
It is global exchange system like GE but instead of commodity sale and purchase offers for money players will cast final products orders and supplies orders. Rough idea is to allow suitable difference between GE values of suplies and products at least 15% but better 20% (on my research 20% will cover most of actual cases). System will be limited to specific set of final products so it is even possible to make different rules for each one.

Some final products are traded for different sets of supplies - like glass or bows - so final product seller should have option to choose what set of supplies he wants (and vice versa). Both seller and buyer can add/request amount of money that will cover difference between supplies and final products and eventually make this offer more "attractive". Also each player has daylimit of money gained/lost through such trades over standard 10% GE limit. Such limit might be around 1000000gp or even again individual limit as function of QPs (or similar measure).

Trading for supplies barter
While GSE is solving big trades, it does not solve supplies running and addressed trades within skiller clans. It is also hard to implement trades like essence for runes in GSE because they dont use 1:1 exchange rates (not to mention that this rate sometimes depends on lvl of crafter). The idea of supply barter is to do the same thing (and on the same rules) like GSE but in player to player barter.

It will need to add one more screen to begining of trading interface - trade type selection - normal trade, supply trade or loan (see my Long term loan suggestion for more details about loans). In general, the same rules and limits apply as in GSE for noted items.

But there will be local and personal differences in case of unnoted items. This means that on places "far away from any bank" there will be no trading limits on unnoted unstackable items and they will not count to daylimit of trading players. Exchange of stackable items - runes and tablets - should be still limited but only by exchange rate. This means that if i will change unstackable item for stackable one in any remote location, i will be limited by rate but not by value. It will also allow powermining, fishing or wcing with giving stuff away to raw runners. It will be also posible to make available rates for essence running according to level of runecrafter.

Last update: 07.01.2008