Manual Lootshare mode suggestion

How to share team loots properly?

Coming from Mermalion's January Big Bang questions

There are two problems with lootshare after JBB. The first one is proper share for noncombat team members and the second one is sharing of valuable drops.

Jagex announced a solution for valuable loot sharing. The basic idea of this solution is to "sell" automatically valuable drop to GE and share money to team members. Such solution will do some help, but it is not ideal in case some party members preffers to get "rare" item itself instead of money. And it will do nothing useful for team helpers.

My idea is to make "manual" lootshare mode. Manual lootshare mode should be setup by party leader. So first thing is to get any. When building party, initial members should negotiate one party leader. Probably by right click in clan chat on player name and chosing "vote for leader" from context menu. This voting can be done after 2 minutes in clan (standard lootshare rule) and leader should to get votes of more then half of all members (regardless of 2 minutes limit). Leader can vote for himself but he needs 2 votes at least to be leader. Players can change their vote anytime until leader be negotiated and highlighted in clan chat (special leader rank).

Party leader can setup (visible for all members in clanchat list) manual lootsharing key. This key will allow to set fixed shares for certain members (usually for noncombat members), while other members (and new members joining during battle) will have "A" - automatic shares as usual. Party leader will also setup global parameters: "sharing mode of valuable loot" and "valuable loot treshold price" (see explanation bellow). Afer leader set all of this, he will "seal" this setings. After sealing they are unchangeable until disbading of party. It is feature to prevent changing of rules in the middle of battle.

"Valuable loot treshold price" is parameter used to decide which drop is "valuable" for actual party. There should be some minimal limit (like 50K) to avoid misuse of this system by RWTers.

"Valuable loot sharing mode" helps to decide what to do with such item. It can be "sell and share money" like in Jagex solution or "trade within party" for alternative solution. In case of "trade within party" mode drop will come to party leader inventory as special "certificate". If party leader is unavailable at time of drop or has full inventory, drop will be allocated to another party member picked by standard loot share algorithm. There are two extreme (minimalistic and maximalistic) versions of such certificate:

In basic (minimalistic) version this certifier exists only as long as lootshare party. It can be traded to any actual party member and when actual party is disembodied it will be send to GE and party members will obtain shares as announced. If holder of certificate change it to real item before disbading of party, item will belong to this player and other players will get no shares. However, actual share count of this player will be updated by value of this loot. This version is easier for implementation but has some disadvantages in case of laggs, dying and trust in team.

In advanced (maximalistic) version this certifier is unique item holding information about party members and actual lootshare key at time of drop and also information about shares paid off to party members. Because of this it need not to be changed on disbanding of party and may be traded/paid off anytime later. Certificate can be traded normally to any party member (saved on certificate) but only in case this player was not paid off yet. Certificate holder can check party members and shares to be paid by "check certificate" right click option.

"Paying of share" means that player with certificate can transfer money to player to be paid off in amount related to given unpaid share of target player. Payment is subtracted from paid off player share record on certificate. Operation can be invoked by selecting "use" or "pay share" options from right click menu and clicking on target player. Certificate holder then can add money like during normal trade and both players will accept trannsaction (if they are satisfied). Both players will have information about item on certificate and value of unpaid share (and this value is also maximal limit for transaction). The player who accepted at least one payoff cannot obtain certificate in trade anymore but he can be paid more times until summ of payments reach players share value. However, accepting payoff also means accepting possibility to convert certificate to real item (see bellow), so it is not wise to accept only partial payment from strangers.

Advanced type of certificate cannot been turned to real item anytime like basic one. Certificate belongs to party and certificate can be turned to real item only in case most of shareholders accepted payoffs. It means that if players holding shares for at least half of item total value were accepted share payment at least once, certificate can be converted. The value of paid off shares is not important. Player holding 33% share on 50 mil worth item may be paid by 1gp only and it still counts as accept.

It can happen that player holding certificate is unable to get enough accepts (votes) for converting certificate to real item either becaeu he has not enough cash to pay off shares or because unpaid yet players are unavailable for long time. To solve this problem the certificate can be anytime send to GE and money transferred to party members in amounts of unpaid shares like in Jagex solution.

Last update: 07.01.2008