Mermalion's POH suggestions
Portals, portals and more portals!

I am afraid that actual POH portal features are not as wide as they can be. Especially need to build exit portal in the middle of garden is very limiting to house design. Standard teleport portals are probably OK, however there might be more places they will be allowed to teleport to. And finally, what is totally missing, are inhouse local portals - something to move you from one room to another instead of using door or stairs.

Allow exit portal to be placed anywhere:
- in portal chamber - either as one of build portal options or (and) as one of standard portal possible directions.
- in rug/stairs place of halls
- in door space of every room - it will block door space by solid wall with portal built on it or near to it.

Ability to place exit portal anywhere will allow better design of house. Building of exit portal in room with just one door space will not be too wise, but I think that player will find this at least next time he will enter his house...

More options for standard portals:
- Allow to "direct" portal to be house exit portal to have better design then stadard iron one.
- Allow directing of portals to more places according to players abilities and quest status. At least Trollheim, Digsite and all Lunar teleports including Ourania one.
- Allow mounting skill necklace as decoration to skill chamber to allow teleports on the same basis like glory in quest chamber.

Add local portals:
Add "local" teleport portals able to be build anywhere where exit portals above (especially in door space). These portals will be used for local teleportation inside house as alternative to stairs and walking corridors. They can be used as both portals or secret tunels. Number of portal can depends on construction level like number of rooms. Such portals can have various designs according to place they can be built on. For example central portals can look also like fountain or pool, big crystals, cage, (hidden) hatch door, magic box or coffin. Side portals can look not only like portals but also like innocent looking (magical) door, odd looking wall, bookshelf, wardrobe or fireplace. Also some lift looking design for portals might be useful, eventually with liftimp at your service!.

Teleportation will be done from source portal to target portal. So player should build at least two local portals (and activate at least one of them) to allow teleportation. New portal is built inactive and house owner should activate it through right click menu (and eventually for some sort of payment). Each portal has its portal identification number accessible by house owner through right click menu. Owner should use this identification number to specify target portal during activation of source portal. It is also possible to deactivate portal in case owner wants to redirect some portals in his house. Portal will deactivate itself automatically when target portal will be destroyed.

Because binding between portals is one-way only, target portal can be inactive or targeted to another portal. This will allow to create cycle of teleports or really nasty portal mazes. However, it will also allow to create "dead end" trap using one-way teleport portal leading to closed area. To prevent stucking of visitors, local portals should have "EXIT house" right click option available to visitors (left click option will be "use portal"). At least inactive portals should have this EXIT option.

Local portals will allow advanced house designs and it will even allow to create funny portal mazes like Swenson's in fremmy trial. There can be two sets of portals - visible and secret(hidden). In stadard house mode secret portals will look like normal furniture (however, on a bit odd places) that can be used for teleporting by searching them first and then agreeing on "enter" option.

Last update: 14.01.2008