Mermalion's POH suggestions
More spell tablets!

Spell tablets are one of very useful additions of construction skill. They comes very handy in case player has not "right" spell book or has lowered magic lvl. They can also save inventory space and can be sold to and used by players wihout apropriate mage level. My opinion is that there should be tablets for all noncombat spells. However, some of them should be untradeable to not break quest requirements.

Make new lecterns for creating other teleport and skill based spells. Each of these new lecterns will have its own selection of 15 spells available according to lectern quality. As lecterns are binded to winged creatures (like demon and eagle), there can be dragon for various teleports, fairy for various skilling spells and gargoyle for untradeable spells, eventually bat for bolt enchanting spells.

Fairy lectern tablet set
low level alchemyhigh level alchemysuperheatbake piesuperglass make
cure plantstring jewelrymagic imbuefertile soil
dareeyak telecarrallangar teleannakarl teleghorrock teleice plateau tele
Gargoyle lectern tablet set
telegrabmonster examinenpc contacthumidifyhunter kit
stat spydreamourania telebounty locate tele
wood plank make (q)oak plank make (q)teak plank make (q)mahagony plank make (q)
Dragon lectern tablet set
trolheim tele (q)ape atol tele (q)padewwa telepadewwa telekharyl tele (q)
lassar telemoonclan tele (q)waterbirth telebarbarian tele
khazard telefish guild telecatherby tele
Bat lectern tablet set
lucky lightningearths furysea cursedown to earthclear mind
magical poisonblood forfeitarmor piercingdragons breathlife leech

I put all untradeable spells to one lectern (just to simplify things). However, tradeability of some of them can be point of discussion. The spell tablets indicated by (q) are tradeable but need quest to be used. It is similar to existing ardougne and watchtower spell tablets.

Last update: 14.01.2008